Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pine Barrens

A fine art exhibit presented by the Princeton Artists Alliance in partnership with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation is being held at the Noyes Museum, through May 30. “As artists we learned about the biology of the natural world in the unique environment of the Pine Barrens, guided by biologists from the N.J. Conservation Foundation.”

The Noyes Museum

733 Lily Lake Road, Oceanville, NJ • Phone: 609•652•8848

Joanne Augustine: “Nature’s Backyard”

Hetty Baiz: "Through Woodland Duff"

Joy Barth: "Rebirth"

Anita Benarde: “Traimea-insect0”

Rajie Cook: “Whatsoever Ye Saweth So Shall Ye Reap”

Daniel Finaldi:
"Reading about Trees in the Children's Room"

Clem Fiori:
“Pine Barrens Mosaic”

Thomas Francisco:
(detail) "Suspended in Solace"

Carol Hanson:
"The Old Cranberry Bogs in the N.J. Pine Barrens"

Shellie Jacobson:
“Beyond the Road”

Margaret K. Johnson:
“Beneath the Surface”

Marsha Levin-Rojer:
“Cycle of Fire: Rebirth”

Charles McVicker:
“After the Fire”

Lucy Graves McVicker:
“The Pine Barrens”

Harry I. Naar:
“The Door to Mysteries”

James Perry:
“Fire Junction”

Linda Pochesci:
“Reflection 2”

Madeline Shellaby:
“Tupelo & Scarlet Oak”

Nancy Kern:
“Day Fire. Still Burning.”

Marie Sturken:
“After the Fire”

Barbara Watts:

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Princeton Artists Alliance in dialogue with contemporary poetry

A selection of poems have become the artists' muse in this exhibit. Each of the twenty four artists have, in response to a selected poem created a work of inspired art. The exhibit offers a wide collection of mediums to be enjoyed as well as excerpts of the poems with titles and the author's names listed.

The exhibit can be viewed now through February 28th at the: The Brodsky Center Gallery

The Heldrich
9 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Joanne Augustine: "Summer Survivors"

Hetty Baiz: "Reminiscence"

Joy Barth: "Transcendence"

Anita Benarde: "The Oldest Art Form"

Rajie Cook: detail from (1 of 12) "Punched Out"

Daniel Finaldi: "Brother and Sister in the library"

Thomas Francisco: "For What Binds Us"

Carol Hanson

Shellie Jacobson: "Camel Dreams"

Marsha Levin-Rojer: detail from "Archetypes I"

Lore Lindenfeld: "Wind and Tree"

Charles McVicker: "Each Tree"

Lucy Graves McVicker: detail from (triptych) "Dusk"

Ruane Miller: "Dusk of Dawn...A Wakening"

Harry I. Naar

James Stewart Perry: "Enigma"

Linda Pochesci: "Point of Departure"

Madelaine Shellaby: detail from (triptych) "Light Keeps on Flying"

Please see the directions to The Heldrich below:

From Route 1 take Route 18 North into New Brunswick. Stay in the right hand lane for local New Brunswick exits.
Exit at New Street. Go to the third light on New Street and turn right onto Livingston Avenue alongside the Heldrich.
Turn right again into the hotel's driveway. Either park on the street or use valet parking.